Natural Hair and Water Sports

Recently, I travelled to The Philippines. I went scuba diving, snorkeling and paddle boarding. I posted the pictures on my social media and a lot of people wanted to know one thing, "How did you manage that with your hair?"

The freedom of natural hair is so you can carry on with your life without worrying about silly things like getting it wet! We should be able to enjoy water sports like other races. There's a whole new beautiful world under the ocean I would have never discovered if I was afraid of getting my hair wet.




So the answer to "How did you manage that with your hair?" is simple.

Before water sports:
I tied my hair back in a bun so it wouldn't shrink too much and the ends would be protected.

After water sports:
I rinsed out the salt water or chlorine. This is important because salt water and chlorine can dry out your hair. Then for moisture I co-washed with Tresseme Naturals, combed it through my hair, let it sit for 5 minutes while I showered and rinsed it out. I sealed as usual and let my hair air dry.

All this took less than 30 minutes. I let my hair air dry in 4 big twists but you can also use heat to speed up the process.

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