Michelle feels like an authentic African with her natural hair!

Name: Michelle

Age: 21

Occupation: University student


When and why did you go natural?

I decided to go natural on October 20, 2014. Me being young and wanting to be versatile, I've relaxed, coloured, braided, done weaves and even cut my hair many times but I was extremely bored and looking for something new. I was going to put highlights but instead I stumbled across the beautiful concept of returning to my roots. Straight away, I decided going natural was perfect for me.

Did you transition or big chop?

As mentioned before there were two sides. I initially wanted to transition for at least a year, but 2 months in I got fed up and didn't have the patience for two textures. So I completely cut my hair, even the 2 months worth of growth!

What is your hair type?

Ooooh this question...lol. I'll classify myself as type 4. Weather I'm a, b or c, I don't think it matters. My hair has pen spring size coils that frizz like crazy, and then there's parts that live their own life hahaha. Cottony texture, fine to medium strands, low porosity and high density!

How did others (friends, family and colleagues) react to your decision to go natural?

My mom was extremely happy about it. My dad asked me why I didn't decide to chop my hair sooner lol. My friends on the other hand...I think they were mourning for my hair more than I did!! My male friends love it, my fellow naturalista friends are proud and the ones still hanging on to the idea of length being important kind of respect and judge me all at once!

Whats your current regime?

It is extremely simple because I have a TWA. I make sure to moisturise at least 3 times a week with whipped shea butter and coconut oil. I do the LCO method with water, glycerin, peppermint oil and some Tresseme Naturals in a spray bottle. Followed by African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Creme and seal wih coconut oil (it gives me everlasting LIFE!!!!) or raw shea butter. Somewhere in betwen I'm co-washing, deep conditioning or doing a hot oil treatment. I recently learnt that I can now do twists so I hope to add that to my regime as well.
What are your holy grail products? C O C O N U T OIL!!! Guurrrll!! Rub it in your hair and on your skin! Heck put it in your boss' tea cause it'll make ANYTHING soft hahahaha!! The other one HAS to be my Tresseme Naturals hair conditioner closely followed by my boo, shea butter

What do you like the most about being natural?

Having a TWA, I love the simplicity!! I wake up spray and moisturise and GO. In general I love love LOVE my coils. I love how you can create seamless curls without heat. I just love how authentic it makes me as an African, it's beautiful!

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