I love my hair

I've worn some kind of fake hair almost my whole life. Weaves, wigs and braids. They were my beauty crutch. I loved having long flowing hair and they made me feel beautiful.



When it was time to take down my weave and install a new one, I dreaded the walk from my car to the salon because people would see me without my beautiful weave. I would wear some kind of head gear, a scarf or a hat because I was ashamed of my real hair.

After I went natural I would still wear protective styles like wigs because I didn't feel beautiful and I still longed for long hair. During the day I would walk around with my wig then take it off when I got home at night to care for my natural hair. I didn't have the confidence to wear my TWA out. I didn't feel attractive and I would wear lots of make up and overdress to make myself look and feel "better".



But somewhere along my natural journey I fell in love with my hair. Be it age, constant reassurance from my significant other or the wisdom and life experience I've gained from traveling, I have fallen completely head over heels in love with the hair I was born with. I love this version of me. The real me.

I still crave the length of weaves but the uniqueness of my kinks, the soft texture of my curls and the versatility to wear any style I want make up for it. Eventually with lots of love and care, my hair will grow. Until then I will enjoy the journey and relish on the fact that I am beautiful just the way I am.

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Amanda Dliwayo

Amanda Dliwayo

South African. World citizen. Currently based in Paris.

Traveler. Writer. Model. Teacher.

                     Natural. 4B/4C.

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