Hair Resolutions for Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year in a few days and I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions because I end up not sticking to them then feeling useless at the end of the year!


But since I’ve started a new healthy hair and lifestyle journey, I thought I’d make a few resolutions for my hair and try my best to commit to them.

1. Wear hair out more

I’m already on the right track with this. Since starting a new regime with my stylist, I’ve been wearing my hair out for the last 4 months! Normally, especially during winter months, I hide my hair in protective styles. But now I’m slowly learning how to keep my hair well moisturized without the protective styles and still retain length!

2. Get ends trimmed every 2-3 months

I was so obsessed with length, I was holding onto my damaged ends. As a result, my stylist had to chop off half my length. Since then I’ve noticed growth because my damaged ends aren’t breaking off. Focus on healthy hair first and the growth will come!

3. Try new styles and accessories

This one will be challenging for me because I’m very boring with my hair and I don’t have the time to experiment. My style is very minimalist. I wear my hair either in a shrunken afro, twist out or stretched. This year I will experiment with some colour, simple styles and accessories.

4. Deep condition weekly

Currently I deep condition once every 2 weeks but I’m going to step that up a notch to weekly deep conditioning treatments to ensure that my hair is healthy and moisturised.

5. Beat laziness

Finally, all the resolutions stated above depend on this one! I will be consistent. I will not skip wash day. I will be patient when detangling.  I will twist and wrap my hair every night no matter how tired I am and I will make an effort to try new things.

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