Farmhouse Juice Cleanse [Update]

I finished my juice cleanse and I’m proud to say, I did all 3 days and I feel great!




 Day 1

The first day was the hardest!
My food cravings were insane, not because I was hungry but because I wanted to eat good food. I didn't help myself by starting the cleanse on my weekend because I had nothing to do all day but obsess over food. I thought of all the food I could be eating; wings with blue cheese sauce, quesadillas (with a frozen mango daiquiri), mac and cheese, bacon and avocado burgers, pizza and hot chocolate muffins fresh from the oven! Then I made lists of all the food I would eat once the cleanse was over. I only spoke about food all day and I made my boyfriend eat his meals outside on the terrace because even a simple ham and cheese sandwich had me salivating!
I couldn't even go out and be social because when my friends and I meet on the weekend its over a hot meal and a bottle of wine.
I also felt very irritable and impatient. I don't know if the juice or the boyfriend caused that!!

The juice itself was very nourishing and like I said, I never felt hungry. Every 2 hours I drank a juice and it was filling. Juice number 2 and 6 were my favourite, while number 1 was my least favourite.

Day 2

I'm blessed to have never been without food for this long. The cravings were still there but not as bad as day 1. Mentally this day was easier even though I thought about cutting the cleanse short and only doing 2 days so I could go out and be social again. I went to the bathroom A LOT! I guess that was all the toxins leaving my body. Every 10 minutes I was running to the bathroom. In the afternoon I went to the salon to do my hair and I kept asking the stylist if I could go relieve myself!

Day 3

This was the easiest day of the cleanse because I was at work and I was so busy I didn't have time to think about food. I still did the bathroom runs. Also, on all 3 days of the cleanse, I would wake up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom!

I waited a week to write the feedback about the cleanse because I wanted to see the results properly.


  1. The main result is my energy levels. I feel completely recharged and rejuvenated. I was running on low the last couple of months and could barely keep my eyes open no matter how much sleep I got. Now I'm WIDE awake! I can work my long grueling hours at work and still have enough energy to go out with friends after!
  2. The second thing is I've been sleeping well. I fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed.
  3. The third is my skin. Its smooth and glowing. I love glowing skin, I just put some highlighter on my cheek bones and it looks amazing.

I will definitely do the cleanse again when I need a pick me up, but next time I will cleanse for just a day and make sure that it's a work day!

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