Crochet braids for protective styling

Summer in Shanghai…there’s nothing like it! The humidity is such a hater it wont let me be great. I decided not to fight this battle this summer and just keep my hair in some kind of protective style.



I searched online for a style that would be low maintenance and also natural looking and that's when I came across crochet braids. I got them done at Studio Ebony and honestly they saved my sanity this summer!
They are so natural looking, everyone thinks it's my real hair!


Right now, I'm home for vacation in South Africa and a lot of people have asked me about my hair and what crochet braids are. Crochet braids are applied to corn rowed hair, by literally crocheting the hair with a latch hook tool. This technique is an alternative to the traditional sew-in hair weaves.



According to Ruth from Natural Sisters, you can get crochet braids done at Ethnic tangles hair and beauty salon at the Wendywood shopping center or if you're feeling up to it, you can follow the video below and do them yourself at home!


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