How to promote hair growth and prevent breakage during winter.

Winter is creeping in and the air is getting drier.

To keep my hair well moisturized and protect it from breakage, I normally wear a wig. I prefer this protective style because I can take the wig off and care for my hair and scalp every morning and night.

Here are some other ways to protect your hair this winter:

1. Keep your ends tucked away.


Protective styles like twists, braids, weaves, wigs, buns or any updos are great this time of the year because they keep your hair hidden from the dry air preventing moisture loss. Because your hair is tucked away it’s easy to forget about and just care for the hair on top. Don’t forget that your natural hair also needs regular moisture and conditioning.

2. Deep conditioning treatments.


Because of the cold winter air and dry heat from the heaters keeping you warm, deep condition your hair weekly will help replenish the moisture that is depleted.

3. Avoid heated styling tools.


Let your blow dryer, curling iron and flat irons rest this winter. Heated tools that are still okay to use are hair steamers and hooded dryers.

4. Co-wash.


Washing your hair with your favourite conditioner instead of shampoo will protect your hair against moisture loss.

5. Heavier sealants.


Switch from light oils like jojoba and coconut oil to heavier products like butters and castor oil for lasting moisture retention.

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