Natural hair helped Hope embark on a healthy lifestyle!

Name: Hope Ngwana

Age: 20

Occupation: Second year (BIS) Publishing student at the University Of Pretoria




When and why did you go natural?

I went natural in 2011 when I had my first big chop (but chopped it off again 2013 September). I went natural because, relaxing was making my hair thin and brittle. It was frustrating me. I than started doing research on going natural. That it when I came across Curly Nikki`s blog whereby I learned the basics of going natural and how relaxing was in fact causing a lot of harm to my scalp. Instead of transitioning, I chopped it all off.

What is your hair type?

I believe I`m between 4b and 4c. My hair is tight, yet has a visible pattern of curls whenever I untangle my bantu knots. I know it`s a 4b because it doesn`t retain moisture for long. After 4-6days I have to moisturize it.

Did you transition or big chop? 

Big chop

How did others react to your decision to go natural?

Everybody in general had a big shock because of the big chop. And given that I did not mention it up front. But the reaction was rather pleasant because having no hair actually suited me (lol thank God) I even had one of my close friends join me. But she transitioned.

What is your current regimen? 

Wash- I wash my hair every two weeks on Fridays. This is the only time I use shampoo. Conditioning- I deep condition after my shampoo and at least once in a week. I am currently using Dr Miracle`s deep conditioning treatment. It has a nutrient rich blend of jojoba oil and vitamin A & E to help with breakage and soothes dry scalp. Oh and adds brilliant shine. I then put on a plastic cap for 30-45 minutes. After that I wash with lukewarm water Leave in & sealing: I seal moisture by using the Revlon glycerine & oil activator Styling- I would then usually do bantu knots and leave them over night. If not, I do a lot of other protective hairstyles. I love box braids!! I haven` t tried the wash and go yet.

What are your Holy Grail products? 

Wash- shampoo I use Dr Miracle`s 2 in 1 tingling shampoo and conditioner Conditioning- Dr Miracle`s deep conditioning treatment Moisturizing- Revlon activator gel and spray, jojoba hair food, MPL hair oil, Laxi hair food, almond oil 100% pure. Other things would be: egg yolk, olive oil, avo, water, coconut oil, castor oil, Shea butter.

What do you like the most about natural hair/being natural?

 It perfectly reflects my free spirit. It`s thickness and health. The big chop revealed my courage and strength to embrace change. Going natural helped me start practicing a healthy lifestyle overall. I even lost 13kg in 9 months by adopting a clean eating and joining the gym.

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