Revitalizing green tea toner

I’ve broken away from commercial skincare products with harsh ingredients and taken on an all-natural routine.

After finding a cleanser my skin loves (click here for my cleanser), I was in search of a natural toner. Most store-bought toners contain alcohol, which can over-dry your skin, causing it produce even more oil. Not only that, but they are really expensive. So I did my research and came across an article on toning your skin with green tea!

Green tea has a lot of healthy benefits for skin. It contains antioxidants that your skin will drink up! It also helps to restore your skin’s PH balance, provides a measure of sun protection, increases the skin's elasticity and reduces the appearance of pores giving your skin a youthful glow. Plus it’s suitable for all skin types!

Because green tea controls excess oil on my face I find that I can skip the foundation and powder and just rock my natural glow. My skin feels absolutely fresh and revitalized, and my skin looks and feels so much younger.

Revitalizing Green Tea Toner for all Skin Types

1 green tea teabag (any type of green tea)
¼ cup of boiling water



1. Add the teabag into the ¼ cup of boiling water
2. Allow to brew for 5 minutes (let it brew for longer for a stronger toner)
3. Remove the teabag (optional)
4. Allow to cool down. I like to let it cool in the fridge before use so I can get a refreshing pick me up.
4. Transfer the tea into an airtight container or spray bottle.
5. After use store leftover tea in the fridge for no longer than 4 days


1. First cleanse your face.
2. Dip a cotton pad into the tea. For exfoliation you can also use the pouch of a green tea bag to apply the toner.
3. Apply to face and neck using a circular upward motion. If using a spray bottle just spritz your face.
4. Allow to dry and don’t rinse
5. Apply moisturizer of your choice.
6. Enjoy glowing poreless skin!

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