Dionisia Celeste from Angola!

Name: Dionisia Celeste

Age: 21

Occupation: student




When and why did you go natural?

1 year and 8 months ago I just decided to stop using chemicals in hair.

Did you transition or big chop? 

I opted for the big cop, because it is a faster process.

What is your hair type? 

My hair type is 4c.

How did others (friends, family and colleagues) react to your decision to go natural?

In the beginning I did not really liked the idea, because everyone was used to seeing me with straight hair so it was a bit hard to get used it. But over time they came to love and praise it.

What your current regime?

I do a natural treatment once a week, hydrate every day, do twists.

What are your holy grail products?

Indian Oil, Mumpeke oil (an oil that’s found in Angola), black soap, creams comb, L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner.

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