How to go Natural

Now that you’ve made the decision to go natural, there are two ways of going about it; do a "big chop" (cut off all of your relaxed hair and start from scratch) or slowly "transition" from relaxed to natural hair (grow out your relaxer)

I went with the big chop. My first big chop was accidental (don’t ask) and my second one was out of laziness because I didn’t have the patience to deal with two textures on my head! It took a while to get used to myself without my beauty crutch (my weave), but I eventually fell in love with my new look. The response I got from everyone (except my mom!) was really positive. My friends liked it and strangers would stop me to compliment me on my look. My TWA made me unique and I always stood out in a crowd!

Big Chop


As mentioned above, BC is when a person cuts their hair to obtain its 'natural' state. The person cuts off the chemically treated hair to begin or continue the growth of their natural hair. This is the fastest way to get natural hair.



  1. You won't have to deal with two different textures. You won’t have to do any blending for your two textures, you won’t have to find styles that work for both your relaxed hair and natural hair, and you won’t have to worry about what products will work for both of your textures.
  2. Starting from a short haircut gives you time to get to know your hair before there is so much of it. This is a good time to do trial and error to see what works for you and what doesn’t.
  3. Short hair is low maintenance.
  4. You get to start fresh with healthy hair.



  1. It takes time to get used to your new look and it may upset you at first.
  2. You may deal with negative reactions from people you love. Family members, co-workers, friends, and lovers may be shocked by your decision and not support you.
  3. Inexperience with caring for hair and fewer styling options.
  4. Regret. For a while you my regret chopping it all off and may start to second guess going natural. If this happens then remind yourself that going natural is a process, and that this is just the beginning phase of your journey.


transitioning    url

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a process where you grow out your processed hair in favour of your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends. You can either cut off the processed ends gradually or do a BC when you’re ready.



  1. Gives you an opportunity to ease into being natural.
  2. You will have some time to get used to taking care of your hair and styling it.
  3. You’re able to do multiple hair styles.
  4. You can slowly trim your hair until all of the relaxed hair is gone.


  1. It can be a lot of work to maintain two drastically different hair textures. The products that work for the relaxed hair may not work for the natural hair.
  2. There is a lot of potential for damage at the line where the two textures meet.
  3. Dealing with weather/humidity can cause the appearance of your two textures to vary, i.e. puffy new growth with straight ends
  4. PATIENCE! It will take time and lots of patience.

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