Tips for wash day

Wash days need not stop your whole world. Agreed? But they often do and it is not funny. To help you (and myself) not to dread washing your kinks, I came up with a few tips that if followed, should make your wash day more or less like any other day...


except that your hair is cleaner!

  • Prepare your hair for washing the night before. Here you can apply your pre-poo treatment or deep conditioning the night before, chunky twist your hair, place a plastic cap and go to bed. This should take less than 30 minutes of your evening but it will reduce the things you will need to do when you wash your hair the next morning.
  • Wash your hair in sections if your current hair length allows. This will reduce tangles to a minimum and lessen breakage. The twists you put your hair in the previous night will help.
  • Detangle with conditioner in your hair and if possible under the shower. The conditioner and the running water add so much slip such that most stubborn knots will fall away. Remember to twist or braid the detangled section immediately so that it does not tangle again.
  • Only use a wide toothed comb to detangle or any detangling tool if it is absolutely necessary otherwise finger detangling is the best.
  • If you shampoo your hair, conditioning it afterwards is a must because your hair has been stripped of most of the oil and protection.
  • Use cool to cold water for the final rinse to help your cuticle lie flat.
  • Use a T-shirt or micro-fiber towel to bloat out excess water from your hair. Do not rub your hair to dry. Just wrap it around and get your other stuff done.
  • Always use a leave-in conditioner that is good for slip, is ph balanced and will help with moisture retention.
  • Air drying kinky hair is the best. If you need your hair to stretch while air drying, bantu knots, chunky twists or chunky braids are best.
  • If using heat, try and use a low setting and use a heat protectant to preserve the health of your hair.

There you have it. Wash days need not be confusing and take a whole day. I can now wash my hair in under an hour and I take another 30 minutes to chunky twist it and let it air dry. The drying normally takes longer though but I am not bothered because I have come up with ways to style and accessorize my chunky twist so they can go anyway from the mall, work and even for an evening out.

Have you any tips to make wash days better? Please share!

Much love and peace.


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Ruth Mafupa

Ruth Mafupa

Ruth Mafupa is an advocate of African Natural hair and entrepreneur based in Johannesburg South Africa. She is a mother to three gorgeous boys and wife. She loves all things natural, clothing design, arts, poetry, music with her deepest passion being in natural hair. Editor and blogger on Natural Sisters and founder and owner of a natural hair care product line, Natural Moisture You can find Natural Sisters on Facebook, on Google+, Pinterest and also on Twitter and the handle is @natsis27"

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