Incorporating heat into my regimen

I’ve decided to incorporate heat into my regimen because the humidity in shanghai has defeated me and with my new work schedule, I just don’t have the time to detangle and manage my hair every day.




(before) (after)


To avoid heat damage, I sought out to find a professional that would hook me up. That’s when I came across Studio Ebony. You can just imagine my excitement at finding a salon in Shanghai that does my hair! It’s right around the corner from my apartment and they actually know what they’re doing!

My stylists name is India. She’s been doing/studying hair for 15 years so I felt comfortable in her chair. She assessed my hair’s condition and recommended the best treatment for me. Let’s start with my hair’s condition…it was terrible! Since moving to China I haven’t had the time to properly care for my hair, plus the polluted air and harsh water all contributed to the state my hair was in. Added to that, I’d been travelling for a few months prior to moving to China and spent more time sightseeing than in front of the mirror caring for my fro.

So India recommended a protein treatment, a moisture treatment and a haircut. All the damaged hair (half my length!) had to go. She washed my hair first then put in the protein treatment. The protein treatment hardens when you sit under a dryer but it made my curl pattern pop when it was washed out. That was followed by the moisture treatment. It was applied to my damp hair and I sat under a steam cap for 30 minutes before she washed it out. Also, as I mentioned before, the water in China is harsh and not suitable for drinking so I like that Studio Ebony uses purified water to wash hair.


After my treatments, India blow dried, flat ironed and trimmed and layered my hair into a cute bob. I’m obsessed with my new haircut and healthy hair. The price tag wasn’t cheap but it’s a small price to pay to get back on the right track to healthy hair!


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