For Beginners

So you’re a new natural and you’re not quite sure what your hair needs to grow thick, healthy and strong? Look no further, the list below has everything you need to know about the products your natural hair needs

1. Sulphate-Free Shampoo


Sulphates are strong cleansers that can often strip or dry-out natural hair which is already prone to dryness.  Opt for a sulphate free or low sulphate shampoo to minimize the drying effect.

2. Conditioner for Dry or Curly Hair


These products are formulated with additional herbs, extracts and oils to help soothe, moisturize and soften your tresses.   Curly and dry hair both have the same basic issues so don’t fall into a marketing ploy.  Your hair will want to drink up all the conditioner so grab the big family size bottle.

3. Deep Conditioner


Natural hair can be prone to dryness and regular deep conditioning treatments will help revive dry, limp, frizzy and/or lifeless hair.  Look for deep conditioners that do not contain mineral oil or petroleum.  Ingredients like shea, aloe, herbs, and natural oils are key things to look for.

4. Moisturizer or Leave-In Conditioner


These moisturizers should be water based (water should be the first ingredient) and should not contain mineral oil or petroleum.  They are used to add additional lasting moisture and softness to your hair after you have gotten it wet by either washing our spritzing water.

5. Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera gel is a simple way to add moisture to the hair and help promote curl definition.  You want to look for an aloe gel that is alcohol free, non-medicated and free from dyes.  

6. Oil


Oil is used to lubricate the strands and seal in moisture.  While the great to oil or not to oil the scalp debate goes on without end, choose for yourself what is best.  Make sure you are actually purchasing oil and not silicone.  I know that sounds silly but most products found in the hair care section labelled as oils are actually silicone.  Go to the grocery store and choose from Olive, grape seed, Safflower which all work well for natural hair.

7. Butter


Not actual butter that you eat, but rather shea butter or coconut oil (which is not a butter but is a solid at temps of 70-75˚F or below).  These are additional sealants in addition to the oil that can be used to keep your hair moisturized, as a styler and also add shine. 

8. Hair Gel


Opt for an alcohol-free hair gel that will help define the curls, minimize frizz, and lock the style in place.  Experiment with different levels of hold and ingredients to find one that is right for you.

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