How to moisturize natural hair; The LOC method

Water is important to our hairs health; drinking it and directly putting it on our hair. Our hair is made up of approximately 10-15% water and it can easily absorb and lose this water. This is why moisturizing and sealing is important.

Moisturizing and sealing the hair is as simple as applying water or water based moisturizer and then applying a light coat of oil or butter on top of that.
The kinkier your hair the drier it will be, because it’s harder for your scalps natural oils to travel down your strands. If hair is not well moisturized it will become dry and coarse and lead to breakage.

So what is moisture?

1. Moisture=Water

I grew up thinking water is the enemy but it’s not. It’s your hairs best friend. Water is the only true form of moisture. Just like you drink water to stay hydrated, your hair also needs water to stay hydrated. Water penetrates your hair’s shaft and increases your strands’ elasticity and flexible and also fights breakage. It’s not enough to moisturize your hair with water or water based products, you have to prevent the water from evaporating by sealing it in.

2. Moisture support

Humectants are compounds that either pull moisture from outside air to your hair or attract and keep moisture that is directly sprayed on hair. They love moisture and like to draw it to itself, helping the hair maintain moisture. Humectants include aloe vera, honey, glycerine and avocado oil.

3. Sealants

Sealants are oils and butters that provide a semi permeable barrier against moisture loss. Use natural oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil and/or raw shea butter or mango butter. The oils and butter on their own will not moisturize the hair because they don’t penetrate the hair shaft. They simply trap the moisture from the water thus keeping hair moisturized for longer.


maximum moisturization = Water + humectant +oil

How to moisturize your hair; LOC or LCO method

Step 1- L for Leave-in

Apply a moisturizing water-based leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair. I like to use the KimmayTube leave-in because of the humectants in the mix (Click here for the KimmayTube leave-in recipe).

Or just spray your hair with plain water.

Step 2- O for Oil

 Apply your favourite natural oil to lock in moisture.

Step 3- C for Cream

This step is important for making sure the moisture doesn’t escape. Apply a butter or moisturizing cream to seal the moisture in, then style as usual.

*LCO method is leave-in, cream then oil. Try both and see which order works for you.

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